(MS) and Paralysis

The Leg Handle Leg Lifters are package in pairs as a new application for a mature product. It is easy to use, light-weight, yet extremely durable and can be used directly over clothing even with no cast or braces.


For Braces Too!

Originally created to be used with long leg casts or braces, the Cast Handle has proven very useful as a Leg Handle in assisting individuals who suffer from partial or total leg paralysis due to injuries, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and other nerve and muscle diseases.

Why It Was Created

Several years ago, while on a skiing trip, I seriously injured my leg and required surgery to repair the damage. Weakened from the trauma of both the injury and the resulting surgery I no longer had the strength to lift both my leg along with the added weight of the leg brace. To get out of bed I had to grab my leg with both hands and attempt to lower it to the floor. This usually resulted in me dropping it half way and having my leg fall the rest of the way and hitting the floor with a painful thud.


Increases Independence

Helps in the Bathroom


Perfect for Car!

Aids Caregiver too!

3 Easy Steps

Position Cast Handle with longer black strap around thigh and shorter black strap around ankle. Handles should be pointing away from cast. Beginning at the ankle end, loop strap around ankle and carefully insert the Velcro tab through the plastic D-ring at opposite end of black strap.

You may need to peel back shiny end tabs of Velcro to reveal small hooks.  Pull strap back across plastic D-ring, and press tab against rough side of strap to lock Velcro into place .

Repeat procedure with black strap around thigh. The Cast Handle should be attached as shown in the photo on package front.

The CAST HANDLE uses only one hand to operate. Leaving the other hand free to steady oneself

Quality Leg ⁄ thigh Lifter

Client Testimonials

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“I have been a paraplegic for 12 years. I have been using Cast Handles since I was in rehabilitation. I absolutely could not function without them! I use them for every aspect of my daily living: to get dressed in the morning; to get out of bed; to adjust my legs in my chair during the day (I am frequently in my chair for 12 (hours); and, to back into bed at night. These Cast Handles are extremely well made — strong and durable. They were delivered to me promptly and in excellent packaging. I give this product and the seller the highest possible recommendation and sincere thanks.”

Amazon Review By Mary F.
(Seattle, Washington United States)