Why It Was Created

Several years ago, while on a skiing trip, I seriously injured my leg and required surgery to repair the damage. Weakened from the trauma of both the injury and the resulting surgery I no longer had the strength to lift both my leg along with the added weight of the leg brace. To get out of bed I had to grab my leg with both hands and attempt to lower it to the floor. This usually resulted in me dropping it half way and having my leg fall the rest of the way and hitting the floor with a painful thud.

Fed up with constant discomfort and the loss of my independence, I crawled across my bedroom floor to my closet and created the original Cast Handle™ out of old nylon webbing that I had used while rock climbing. My homemade device changed my life and I ended up recovering far more quickly than my doctors predicted. They attributed my speedy recovery to getting up and moving earlier in the recovery process than most patients. In short they gave most of the credit to my "Cast Handle" and suggested that I patent the device and produce the product so that it could benefit others. And that's just what I did.

This product was designed to make healing easier during that difficult time of recovery and transition. It restores mobility, privacy and independence to the patient and also helps care givers get a "handle" on the problem.

Overcoming an injury or surgery is a trying time for us all and that is why it is important to take advantage of all the help we can find. It is my personal goal to make the road to recovery more comfortable for you or your loved ones. We recently have found that our product has been also been providing long term help to persons confined to a wheelchair who are suffering from spinal cord injury's (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS) and other muscle wasting diseases.

I hope our product can help you too. If it does please feel free to send us a note with any comments or suggestions for how to make it better for others.


Jeff Holden

Holden Development and Marketing



  • Jeff Holden and the First Cast Handle in 1996

  • The Cast Handle has been selling in the Sammons Preston medical supply catalog